Build a Simple Teacup Display Shelf

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

with Home Depot Canada

If you are a teacup hoarder, ahem, lover like us, you know it’s all about the hunt for the diamond in the rough...and there is no greater satisfaction than displaying your treasures for all to see. But all too often, our teacups find their way tucked into cabinets and hidden from view. Together with Home Depot, we’re showing you how to make a modern, not-your-granny’s teacup display shelf with just the right amount of detail.

After building the first 2 shelves, we added two small L-brackets below the bottom shelf, slid a pane of frameless mirror behind, and continued the shelving in front to hold it in place for a mirrored back look.


5x1” knotty pine lumber, cut in-store to your desired length (6” per teacup + 2” on each side recommended)

2 Richelieu decorative cast iron brackets per shelf

DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in "Lace"

Utility knife (We love our Olfa!)

Drill (Our Milwaukee driver outfitted with a bit extender is the perfect tool for the job)

Anchors & screws for your wall type (ask your Home Depot friends for help if you need!)

measuring tape

piece of sandpaper

a rag



  1. Go to Home Depot!

  2. Find 5x1” knotty pine lumber

  3. Have the friendly people of HD cut it to your desired length. Ours are cut to 28” to accommodate 4 tea cups per shelf (about 6” per tea cup + 2” on each end).

  4. Measure a long line 1” in from the back edge of your shelf, and stop the line 2” from each end.

  5. Then, drawn two more lines ¼” on each side of your original line.

  6. Using your utility knife with a new blade, and cut the wood once down the middle line, then from each side in an angled V shape towards the centre to make a groove for your saucers. Pop out your scrap of wood, and carve out a smooth groove with your knife.

  7. Run a piece of sandpaper over your carving to smooth any splintery bits. While your at it, just give the whole board a go-over for a nice, smooth finish.

  8. Mix a tablespoon or so of paint well with a splash of water for a milky consistency. We love this Americana Decor creamy colour and use it to treat all of the wood in the shop.

  9. Dip a rag into your stain, and run it over the wood until it is a transparency that you like.

  10. Secure the brackets to the wall in a method appropriate for the wall, then to the shelf. Grab a bit extension for your drill - it makes easy work of these tasks!

  11. Display your collection! Make one shelf, or line a whole wall. We slid a pane of mirror behind your shelves for a mirrored back, but teacups really pop against wallpaper or bright, colour blocked paint as well!

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